Singing bowls 
In reality everything is vibration, as is sound


Sound that leads to stillness

What can singing bowls do for you
Singing bowls produce a vibration which can often be felt from a distance. As about 60% of the human body consists of water, the vibration of the singing bowl will resonate deep in the body, mostly resulting in a deep relaxation and reduction of tension.

Chakra sound session

Hot water therapy

Chakras are energy centres of the body. Each chakra has its own characteristics and qualities. When energy is not optimally flowing this may manifest itself in intense emotions, blockages, or a general lack of energy. The singing bowls can reveal which chakras may need some support and can harmonize the chakras. Seven bowls, each connecting to one of the major chakras, are placed around the body (in lying position) and played in a specific order. A session lasts around 45 minutes.
Hot water therapy with singing bowls has a very deep relaxing and healing effect on the muscles and organs. A singing bowl is filled with hot water and moved over the body, with specific attention to problem areas. This therapy is in particularly useful for tension or problems around the intestines, lower back, and reproductive area. A session lasts around 45 minutes.

Partner sessions

group sessions

The sound of the singing bowls can touch deeply and sharing this with someone else can make it even more profound. You may experience a deep sense of being connected. You both lie down while fully surrounded by singing bowls. It is like being totally emerged in a cocoon of deep vibrating sound. A session lasts around 45 min.
Sessions for groups comprise of a sound journey attuned to the needs of the participants. You may think of sessions at a nursery, church, or care home. Interactive sessions, for example including singing with the bowls, is welcomed. The duration will depend on the request. If you are interested in organizing a group session you're welcome to come over for an intake including demonstration of the options.