I don't care about you, I care about how I can assist you in being much more than you are now


"I don't have all the answers,
but i do have a lot of techniques to help you find your own answers"

Home of Purity and the philosophy of abundance
I believe that everyone is gifted with certain talents to contribute to this world. In my opinion, gifts should not be exploited, but shared to the greater good of others. More than that, I think that help should be available to everyone as a healthy mind and body are a prerequisit of sound societal develoment. Therefore I offer all sessions at minimum costs (prices below), even if this means some sessions are almost half the price as elsewhere. Quality remains the basis of off all methods applied at Home of purity. I started as a practitioner because I found that there was (and still is) a lack of practitioners who have lived through the various experiences themselves. Home of purity aims to offer a space where ideas, thoughts, emotions, and trauma can be transformed into wisdom through experience.
Irene has more than 15 years of experience in intense personal developement and spiritual growth. During this time she practiced a wide range of meditation techniques, from silent retreats to a diversity of active meditations. Through experience she learned the healing effect of Eye Movement Desentisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. Driven to provide this effective technique to others she followed a 2-year education program to become EMDR therapist. In 2012 she got hold of a set of old singing bowls and received training in singing bowl healing from the famous Shree Krishna Shahi in Nepal.  
She is certified EMDR Therapist, Sound Healer, and Meditation Coach and followed training in amongst others dearmouring.
In 2011 she published the book 'Insight in the essence of life' (in Dutch). In her daily job she works as a scientist in animal behaviour.


Singing bowl sessions of 45 minutes
  • 25,- per individual session (chakra or hot water)
  • 35,- for a duo session
  • 30,- for a group session
  • Free intake session
  • 45,- per session (up to 1.5 h)